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Eagles Dining

Senza amore non c’e passione” “Without love there is no passion”​​​


Welcome to Eagles Dining  Restaurants!

Angjelo is chef-owner


La Nonna, Tradita and is both partner at  Tipperary Inn.


When we first opened our dream restaurant in March of 2004, our primary goal was to recreate “Made in Italy flavors” at a high standard of culinary and service excellence, while offering great value to the local community. Now over 16 years later,

 it is safe to say that we’ve succeeded.


 At Tradita,Lanonna,The Tipperary,Bella Venezia’s Restaurant we confidently offer the finest Italian foods to the savviest of Italian food enthusiasts.Located in Solihull Area.Our Restaurans has brought a touch of Italian grace and charm to Solihull and enjoyed a success and patronage that is beyond our wildest dreams.


This is evident by the ever-returning clientele who have made our Restaurants their favorite place to dine.

Our menu is as affordable as it is appealing, with a large selection of expertly crafted regional Italian specialties, all absolutely authentic and recreated by me and our Italian chefs.

Our Restaurants are truly work of art.


Tradita is a haven of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, conveniently located just outside Birmingham. With a focus on authenticity, flavour and service, this friendly restaurant is popular with local foodies, as well as those passing through on their way to the city centre.Food is served throughout the day at Tradita.

La Nonna

La nonna' in Italian means 'the grandmother', and it is an appropriate name indeed for this family-run restaurant, where the august traditions of Italian ancestors are upheld with the deepest respect. At La Nonna we offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our delicious food. 

Tipperary Inn

The Tipperary Inn is well known for both its quality food and its famous history. Set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and originally owned by one half of the duo who wrote the notable wartime marching song It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, the inn now serves special Italian inspired dishes that are hard to beat.

Happy Valentine's Day from Eagles Dining.

Enjoy our gorgeous menu of indulgent treats created especially for Valentines Day on the 14th and 15th February.

We'll have fresh fish and seafood, steak from our own farms and vegan options too, alongside Champagne cocktail and our excellent choice of wines and bubbles.

Add in our magical atmosphere, and we'll help you make this Valentines a truly special occasion.

Choose your Eagles Dining Valentines experience today.

Book now by phone or by email using the links below.

LA NONNA :0121 742 1964

TIPPERARY :01676 532264 

TRADITA :01214481373

You can even contact us on our very popular text messaging service for bookings or enquiries with a prompt response  at our number below.

Call or text :O7474833484

Our delicious food is now available for delivery


We are now doing Deliveries!

Our delicious food is now available for delivery


Free delivery. Minimum order value £15.


La Nonna

Pay in-store available.

Want to order from staff as normal, but still pay with the app and gain loyalty points? with Pay in-store you now can! 

Earn points for every purchase at Eagles Dining and start enjoying the benefits of our membership program today.


We tailor rewards just for you. Choose when and how to make the most of our promotions.

The Eagles Dining app will make the most of your in-store experience,

allowing you to pay through your mobile via
Pay in-store
Order ahead
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You will have access to
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No more carrying a physical loyalty card. Built by a world-leading app provider,

LOKE, we use PCI compliant security to ensure your transactions and privacy

is of the highest standard.

All major credit cards are accepted. Join today and start enjoying our dynamic rewards immediately.

Your Safety

We are glad to welcome you back after months of being shut.

We have worked incredibly hard to ensure your safety is our highest priority at Eagles Dining.

If you want to find out more about the safety guidelines. Feel free to drop us an email and we hope to see you soon.



At Eagles Restaurants we have a dedicated service to ensure you can book a table at our restaurants efficiently. check it out below

At Angjelo's restaurant, we serve up Italian hospitality with our flavorful original dishes. Come enjoy our warm, comfortable environment that invites friends and family to relax and enjoy each other over a great meal, it's a little celebration of the good things in life, everyday. Don't forget we cater too. Boldness, Flavor, Creativity all on your plate in one casual dining environment.


16 Arden Oak Rd,


B26 3LX

Tel: 0121 742 1964


273 Church Road,


B26 3YH

Tel: 01214481373


Meer End Rd,



Tel: 01676 532264

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